Thursday, April 14, 2011

Season Ending Poem

Here is a fun little poem about this past NBA season and the upcoming playoffs. Hope you all enjoy

This basketball season has now come and passed
Like a beautiful assist from the amazing Steve Nash
There was one goal in mind as every game was played
All 30 teams wish to have a Championship parade
This is something you play for, it is not given freely
Unless you took your talents to South Beach in Miami
These three douches thought it a sure thing
That in their near future would be many rings
But karma is funny, we don't know how it goes
Because Miami has three pansies, and Chicago one Rose
This season has been fantastic, so much entertainment week to week
From Blake Griffin dunks to Bill Simmons tweets
A clear favorite for the title is anything but concrete
But the Lakers are my pick as they attempt a three-peat
But the LA is not alone, there are other contenders
From the Bulls to the Thunder and that scrappy team in Denver
ESPN will tell you that every series cannot be picked, it's up in the air
But I, the Sports Guru, am here to enlighten so allow me to share
I said from the beginning, all the way back to day one
It will be Boston LA when it is all said and done
But my stance has now changed since Perkins was traded
The Celtics playoff run has now been dated
Boston will take down Miami but soon after be beat
They cannot get passed Chicago, they are no longer elite
I have already picked the Lakers to win it all
There is a team though that can beat them, they just might fall
This team is not Dallas and it is not the Spurs
This team lacks nothing but experience and years
If the Lakers are not careful we may very well see
The Larry O'brien trophy find a new home in OKC
But LA will find a way, at least for this year
Six rings now for Kobe, and six for Derrick Fisher
Regardless of what happens, it will be epic and fun
Remember what you read today because my poem is now done


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