Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NBA Playoff Preview: Round 2 Cavs Celtics

Because of the fact that the NBA knows how to do scheduling about as well as I know how to do quantum physics I have to start and post part of my second round predictions before the first round is actually over, crazy huh? So I'll be posting each series on it's own in order of when they will be played. First up, the cream of the crop.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers vs 4. Boston Celtics
At the beginning of the year most everybody thought that this would be the Eastern Conference Finals match up. Instead we get this clash of the titans match up in the second round but I'm not complaining. I knew that Boston was a far superior team to Miami but until the past couple of weeks I doubted their heart and will despite backing them up all season. If there is one thing to learn from teams like the Celtics and Lakers it is to never doubt the heart of a champion. 95% of teams don't get the privilege to coast into the playoffs and to rest players despite regular season outcomes. When you have a championship within the last 3 years you get that privilege and I am back on the Celtics bandwagon. I've said all year long that the Cavs will not make the Finals but I thought that would come at the hands of the Magic. I don't see them advancing any farther, and it isn't solely for how the Celtics are playing but also because some how Mike Brown has gotten dumber. I watched nearly the entire Chicago/Cleveland series and I saw absolutely no effort by the coach to get anybody else involved other than Lebron. Their "point guard" Mo Williams barely brings the ball up past half court before he dumps it to Lebron and runs to the corner. No Cav holds the ball longer than 3 seconds before they look to give the ball back to Lebron, it's pathetic. A lot is being made right now on the injury of Lebron's elbow, this has nothing to do with that, it may effect his shot some but he'll play through it, he may even benefit from it because he will get back to driving the ball to the basket. He honestly needs to play through it, his team is nothing without him and Kobe has been playing through injuries all season and regardless of what Lebron or anybody else says that does matter to him, he can't let Kobe out tough him if he wants to be the true King. If Boston plays with the same defensive intensity that they played with last series they will punch their ticket to the East Finals to take on the Orlando Magic. Also I expect a minimum of 4 triple doubles between James and Rajon Rondo. I will always pick a great team over a great player, no matter how great that player might be. Just a quick side note, since Dominique Wilkins was known as the human highlight reel and Lebron's highlights have already surpassed his what do you think of Lebron now being known as "The Human Youtube Video"?

Final Prediction: Celtics in 6

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