Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NBA Season Awards

This is a list of who I think should win this season's NBA Awards, some real awards and some that aren't, yet.

MVP: Lebron James

I wanted so badly to give this award to Kevin Durant and I do think he is deserving, there is more to an MVP then just numbers. Unfortunately for Durant sometimes a guy puts up such ridiculous numbers that you don't have a choice but to reward him and that is what Lebron does. I think that Mike Brown's incompetency makes Lebron look like a super hero a lot and the talent level around him is a lot better then it gets credit for but it's hard to argue against a guy who is averaging 29.7ppg 7.3rpg 8.6apg and shooting over 50% from the field. I'm a much bigger fan of Durant's than I am of James but Lebron hasn't really given me much of a choice here.

ROY: Tyreke Evans

Again, I wanted to give this to Curry, I still think he will have the better pro career and has had an amazing rookie season especially when you consider that he keeps playing better and better as the season goes on and he is playing with one of the biggest me first guards in the league with Monta Ellis. Curry has not only shown great physical production but his on the court maturity is unmatched for a rookie. Unfortunately for him the numbers speak too loudly for Evans, he is going to go down as only the fourth rookie to ever average at least 20 points 5 rebounds and 5 assists in a season. The others being Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan and Lebron James. With those kind of historical numbers it's almost unfathomable to give the award to anybody else, especially when you consider that he can't go left (much like Derek Zoolander). Evans has a lot to improve on and I still believe he needs to play off the ball but for this one year award he has to get it.

COY: Scott Skiles

This award is down to the two Scott's, Scott Skiles and Scott Brooks. I'm giving the award to Scott Skiles because he has led a team that was supposed to be in contention for the first overall pick to the number 6 seed in the East without their best player, plus I completely trashed this team in my season preview and feel slightly guilty for it. Scott Brooks has a more talented team but they are so young and inexperienced that his coaching job might actually be more impressive, especially when you consider how competitive the west is this year and the Thunder's record last year. The Thunder still show some signs of youth at times but their performance this season as been nothing short of spectacular. Like I said this award is a toss up between these two but I'm going to go with my guilt ridden soul and pick Skiles.

Defensive Player of the Year: Dwight Howard

Most of this year I have been putting Josh Smith here and then I realized how ridiculous it is to put anybody here other than Howard. His defensive numbers are actually slightly lower this year then they are from last year but if you have watched any Magic game over the last 2 years then you know just how much fear Howard strikes into opposing teams. Most teams are afraid to even come near the paint when is on the floor and he anchors the most efficient defensive team in the league. Even though his numbers are ever so slightly down his presence may be even bigger this year, teams just aren't giving him as much of a chance this year. Howard is by far the best defensive player in the league and this definitely won't be his last year winning this award.

6th Man of the Year: Jamal Crawford

This one has been won for quite a while, Crawford has just been too consistent and too impressive this season for the ever improving Hawks to not get it this year. Anytime a guy can come off the bench and get you nearly 20 ppg he is more than likely going to win this award. Crawford has not only accomplished this but has also played his best basketball when it matters most, including several game winning or changing shots late in games. There was a lot of doubtful speculation on Crawford going to Atlanta this year but with Bibby playing the worst ball of his career Crawford couldn't have come at a better time for the Hawks. Crawford deserves this award and hopefully he keeps up the level of play come playoff time.

Most Improved: Aaron Brooks

This came down to Kevin Durant and Brooks but I had to go with Brooks for a few reasons. One is Marc Stein sort of twisted my arm when he made a very valid point about how guys picked 1 or 2 overall are supposed to be doing what Durant is doing. Another reason is that Brooks has really stepped up as a leader this year with McGrady and Yao being down, plus he has improved every statistical category this season, scoring up by 9, rebounding up by 1, assists up by 2 and he is shooting more efficiently. The last reason is that I'm simply partial to little guys (for obvious reasons) and Brooks was one of 2 people I said at the beginning of the seasons would win this award this year.

Most Overrated Player: Anderson Varejao

Every time some idiot on ESPN says that Varejao should win 6th man of the year I puke a little bit in my mouth. The guy is completely worthless, he averages 8.6ppg 7.7rpg and a whopping 0.9bpg for a 7 footer that plays 30 minutes a night. The guy just runs around and every now and then Lebron finds him standing a lone under the basket for an easy dunk. He gets pushed around all the time on the defensive end and tries to make up for it by flopping every chance he gets. He can't do anything when Lebron isn't in the game, in the 5 games that Varejao has played without Lebron he is averaging only 6.6ppg and 6.5rpg despite being a more prominent target on offense and more rebounding responsibility. Plus seriously, which of you who have seen this guy play can honestly say he is a basketball player, watching him play is like watching an Asian woman attempt to parallel park in downtown LA, it's ugly and yet horrifically entertaining.

Most Underrated Player: Monta Ellis

Yes the guy plays in an up-tempo run 'n gun offense that inflates his stats some but come on, the guy is averaging 25.5ppg 5.3apg 4.0rpg and a very impressive 2.2spg. He is known as a one dimensional player but if you watch his games you'll notice right away that he takes pride in guarding the best player on the floor. He may be too steal happy most of the time but it works for him, he recently forced Kobe into 9 turnovers and the other night against OKC he made life a living hell for Kevin Durant despite giving up 6 inches to him. People just love to hate this guy and that would be ok if they had ever seen him play! Most of the haters have only seen him play for a total of 10 minutes and just trash him non stop for being a ball hog and his "inflated" numbers. Those same people however laud guys like Steve Nash for playing in nearly the same offense and even reward him with MVP's. I'm not saying Monta is an MVP by any means (he would say that) but the is at least worth of a freaking All Star appearance, especially over Chris Kaman.

Most Dilusional Player: Monta Ellis

Monta thinks he is better than Lebron, Wade, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard and everybody else not named Kobe Bryant. Ellis was actually quoted as saying that Kobe is the best in the league, Lebron is third and the little guy himself is number two. I don't think anything else needs to be said. You're good Monta (as we discussed earlier) but you aren't quite that good.

Most Useless Asset: Mike Brown

Coach of the year last year, that still makes me laugh, how I love media hype. Brown is a good defensive mind, I'll give him that, unfortunately for him he wasn't blessed with the coaching gene of game management, player rotations, offensive schemes and just any real sense of basketball. His biggest accomplishment is taking an over achieving Cavs team to the 2007 finals except that he just lucked out that Lebron decided to become a man in the conference finals against Detroit. If you remember in that crucial game 5 Mike Brown basically said screw it and just put the ball in Lebron's hands and Lebron responded by scoring 29 of the teams final 30 points, good for Lebron but really Brown? He didn't even try to get anybody else involved which is why it was so easy for San Antonio to walk all over the them in the Finals. He showed the same incompetency in the Conference Finals against Orlando. I could go on and on but you get the point, anyone can coach a team with Cleveland's talent level but they will never win a Championship with Brown as a head coach.

Douche Bag of the Year: Kenyon Martin

I've never been shy about how I feel about the Nuggets, especially J.R. Smith, Chris Anderson and especially Kenyon Martin. The guy should get the award simply for having that ridiculous lips tattoo on his neck. Martin has always been complete prick on and off the court but he took it to a whole new level nearly 2 weeks ago. Admittedly filling a Range Rover with white leather interior with pop corn is a little excessive for an April Fool's joke but Martin absolutely flipped out and it was right after the team had a very impressive win after going through a rough stretch. Martin threatened to beat up whichever teammate did the prank, his own teammates!!! right before the playoffs started! Then he threatened to boycott the playoffs until whoever pulled the prank admitted to it. How can a guy put his stupid car above an NBA championship and his own teammates?!?! It just blows my mind that Martin could really be that selfish, next year I'm renaming this award after him.

Fountain of Youth Award: Jason Kidd

It seems like whenever you bring up Jason Kidd you have to bring up Steve Nash and vice-versa. This prestigious award came down to these two, Nash's numbers are better than Kidd's and both of their teams are playing very well right now but I gave the edge to Kidd because he is older and he is playing more minutes than Nash and more minutes this year than last year while Nash's minutes have steadily decreased. I still would rather have Nash on my team than Kidd but Kidd has shown a more increased vitality this season, part of the blessing with the last name.

Bonehead of the Year: Gilbert Arenas

First off, who in their right mind brings a gun to work? I mean I get personal protection especially for celebrities and athletes but leave the guns in your car at least. Arenas brought guns into the Wizards locker room!!! and then he and teammate Javaris Crittendon pulled guns on each other in the locker room!!! Oh don't worry it gets better. Arenas then decides that during the next game against the 76ers it would be funny to point his fingers at teammates like he was shooting at them and that it wouldn't catch the commissioners eye. This prompted Stern to take an even faster sentencing path for Arenas. Agent Zero then tells the media that he fears Stern more than the authorities because Stern was "mean". That makes perfect sense to me, antagonize the one guy who holds your entire professional future in his hands after clearly showing no remorse for what you have just done. Arenas joins Kenyon Martin to get his own award next year.

The Gerald Wallace Award: Rodrigue Beabois

One good thing about living in Sacramento is that back when the Kings were a good team I watched a lot of their games and there was something that I and most of their fans noticed quite often. This Gerald Wallace kid has a lot of talent, everybody who watched Kings games consistently constantly anticipated those brief few moments that Wallace would sneak into the game and do something that made you jump out of your seat and yell "why doesn't this guy play more often?!?!" Everybody knew he was a freak athlete and a star waiting to happen, everybody that is except the Kings. Wallace, averaging a double double, is now captain of the Bobcats who just clinched their first ever playoff appearance behind their vastly improved all star and all the while ever Kings fan is wishing he was still around. In honor of Wallace I am giving an award to the player in the league that I think can one day have the same effect as Wallace. Beabois definitely has the potential to do so, we have already seen what a late 1st rd draft pick from France can do. He only gets about 12 minutes a game and is averaging 7 ppg, nothing special but in Feb when he was getting solid minutes he was absolutely electrifying, including a 40 point explosion in 30 minutes, which for some reason has been completely overlooked. For whatever reason Dallas would rather play J.J. Barea and they will one day regret it. Beabois is a future star in this league and Jason Kidd isn't going to last forever, they need to start getting this guy minutes or he is going to bolt first chance he gets and Dallas will forever regret their decision. Nobody knows of this guy yet but they will, I promise you that.

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